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The well-known and respected ASCA Certification courses have been revamped and updated!  

Get the latest knowledge and most relevant content!

Even if you have completed ASCA Levels 2 through 5, you will want to go back and refresh your education and expand your coaching support community at the same time. 

Level 2 – The Stroke School-  $115

Taught By Russell Mark, ASCA Performance and Education Advisor 

The ASCA Level 2 School is designed to help coaches achieve a professional knowledge base for teaching effective technique and proper mechanics, while simultaneously reinforcing healthy progressions at each developmental level in the sport. Our stroke school incorporates step-by-step examples of technique-based skills and progressions coupled with video demonstrations and interactive learning. After completing this course, coaches are eligible to apply for Level 2 ASCA Certification.

Level 3 – Physiology School- $115

Taught by Dave Salo (Irvine Novaquatics), Mike Murray (Victor Swim Club) and Mohamed Abdelaal (Razorback Aquatic Club Aquahogs)

“A rudimentary understanding of physiology empowers coaches to create windows of opportunity for their athletes to be successful, learn about the process of high-performance, and encourages them to take an active, educated role in their pursuit for improvement.” Jon Urbanchek

The ASCA Level 3 Physiology School delivers a working, general knowledge of physiology as it applies to the sport of swimming. Participants learn to implement science into their training, while understanding how to develop training cycles, seasonal planning, periodization, as well as the significance of rest, recovery, nutrition, and tapering. Throughout the course coaches are exposed to a variety of physiological models, including examples from Jon Urbanchek, Dave Salo, and Jan Prins.  To achieve ASCA Level 3 certification, coaches must pass this course, and also submit proof of other accomplishments required for this level. 


Level 4 – Leadership School- $115

Taught by Dave Gibson (Swim Fort Lauderdale) and Jeff Raker (Level Up Leadership)

The American Swimming Coaches Association’s central theme is leadership through education, certification and cooperation. Leadership development is a vitally important to the success and advancement of the coaching profession as well as the sport of swimming.   The ASCA Level 4 Certification course advances the leadership skills of coaches by covering theory and practice, as well as the structure of local, national and international governance organizations.  Coaches will learn how to get involved to benefit the sport.  Coaches will participate in group discussions led by expert, elite coaches who will share their expertise. To achieve ASCA Level 4 certification, coaches must complete this course, and also submit proof of other accomplishments required for this level. 



Level 5 – Administration School- $115

Taught by Chad Onken (Quest Swimming) 

The brand-new Level 5 Administration course is geared to allow coaches access to information to help them successfully grow, manage, and sustain their program.  Coaches have a variety of different situations in which they operate, and this course offers accessible, applicable content that can be immediately put into practice in your organization.  Topics such as, but not limited to, budgeting, human resources, staff training, and how to engage a social media audience will be covered. To achieve ASCA Level 5 certification, coaches must complete this course, and also submit proof of other accomplishments required for this level. 

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