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Additional Paid Schools

US Paralympics Swimming Coach Certification Program 

Calling all Coaches! Get certified in para-swimming!

Help take responsibility for the future of Para swimming. Be a part of creating a group of qualified coaches that can develop and progress athletes up the pipeline ultimately increas-ing the opportunities to increase medal counts. You can increase the growth of swimming on the local level to include para swimmers. In turn this will facilitating awareness and sup-port at the grassroots level forging productive relationships with other swimming entities and mentors at higher levels.

Times for the certifications are:

Level 1 VIRTUALLY pre convention on August 30th 7:30 pm EST

Level 2 at convention on September 6th, at 8:30 am-12:00 noon EST

Level 3 at convention on September 6th, at 1:30 pm-5:30 pm EST

The Para Swimming Coaches Certification program (PSCC) is an educational program to supplement traditional swimming coach education.   It is designed for coaches seeking to further develop their coaching knowledge, skills when coaching swimmers with a disability, and gain an understanding of the governance and differences that exist in the para swimming community.  


The program is designed as a hierarchy of learning that corresponds to the different levels of para swimmer development.  It is a blend of on-line virtual presentations and in-person sessions with a focus on case studies, video, and experiential learning.  There are four (4) levels.  The key prerequisite requirements are basic sport knowledge and USA Swimming coach membership in good standing.  The program aims to expand the knowledge and experience of coaches coaching swimmers with disabilities.


A complete overview of each level can be found at:  Para Swimming Coach Certification Overview

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