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Dave Salo
Wednesday, September 4th

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Jan Olbrecht
Saturday, September 7th 1-4pm

Meet the Legends in Small Group Seminars

featuring Jan Olbrecht and Dave Salo!

$200 each


If you ever wanted to sit down and spend some time picking the brain of a legendary coach in a relaxed small group setting, this is your chance.  These coaches will offer up their philosophies on training, stoke technique, starts and turns, team culture, and whatever else you ask them about!  No more than 30 coaches will be accepted into each 3-hour seminar, so you will have the time to discuss the topics that interest you, and really get inside the mind of a legendary coach.  Act fast, as these sessions will fill quickly. 

Jan's Session Information:

Lactate testing is very commonly used in swimming. Indeed, lactate is easy to measure, but very tricky to interpret and apply in training. Due to the many conflicting observations between test results and performance in training and/or competition, many critical articles on lactate have been published and many coaches have become dismissive of the use of lactate testing, not only to describe the swimmer's current condition, but also to determine appropriate training goals, intensity and volume, to monitor metabolic adaptations to training and to adjust the training periodisation.


So in the 1980s we re-examined lactate metabolism to find an explanation for the conflicting observations. We found that the use of lactate tests was empirical rather than scientifically based.


During this session, we will provide a brief look at the scientific findings to ensure reliable interpretation/use of lactate values in training. Using practical examples, we will also try to keep you away from pitfalls and misconceptions about lactate in training.


And, last but not least, we will provide some guidelines to use lactate in the most appropriate way, depending on the level of the swimmer and the available budgets.

Dave's Session Information

This is your chance to spend 3 hours in small group setting (limited to only 30 participants) to pick the brain of one of the most successful coaches in the US.  Coach Salo says he can talk swimming all day long, so settle in and get ready for some lively and educational discussions. 

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