ASCA LeadHERship Academy


Presented By:


Amelia Strother
Founder and Lead Facilitator, AS Consulting

Sunday, September 11

 Navigating the Glass Ceiling

Gender bias builds the walls holding up the glass ceiling, and these biases are so ingrained in society that they can be invisible, easily internalized, and intimidating to respond to. The solution isn’t to become something you’re not — it’s to have a plan. That way when you or your coworkers face gender bias, you’re ready.


In this interactive female-only workshop you will learn:

  • The mindset traps caused by gender bias and the tools to get around them

  • The 3 keys to ensuring your voice is heard

  • The meaning and impact of the most common gender biases

  • In-the-moment strategies for how to react and respond to unequal treatment

  • How to authentically build strategic relationships that will aid you in your career