ASCA LeadHERship Academy


Presented By:

Erin Coupe


As founder of Authentically EC, Erin Coupe is a writer, consultant, and executive whose mission is to guide people to actualize their best self. Through storytelling, unique insights, and real-life application of her learning and wisdom, Erin shares the possibilities of better ways of being in the world. Erin’s 17-year global corporate background, progressive studies and transformational self-work stimulates and inspires participants to cultivate a deeper relationship inward, in turn showing up whole, authentic and empowered.

Whether facilitating workshops, consulting with executives/teams, guest speaking or writing, Erin's work enriches well-being, improves emotional awareness, and develops more mindful people. As a widely recognized thought leader of conscious living and abundant leadership, Erin's positive impact on people, culture, and collective mindset is welcomed by organizations globally.

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Catherine Wright-Eger


Cathy Wright-Eger was the Purdue Head Women’s Swim Coach from1987-2008 where her teams went to the NCAA Championships 20 of her 21 years and competed at the Olympic Trials each Olympic year.

Wright-Eger was named Big Ten Coach of the year, Boilermaker Coach of the Year, YWCA Salute to Women Award, and featured in Sports Illustrated for Women. She was also named to the United States Swim Staff for several training camps, World University Games and the Pan American Games in Rio De Janeiro.

After coaching in 2008, Wright-Eger established the John R. Wooden Leadership Institute for coaches and student-athletes. She oversees the development of leadership skills in the emerging leaders and the captains of all the athletics teams. She is currently the Leadership Advisor and Professional Behaviorist for the John R. Wooden Institute and has started her own consultant business; CWE.Leads.

Synopsis of the Program:


"Professional swimming coaches are the leaders in creating the best sport in the world."

How do you lead yourself? Do your ways of being empower you to be your best self in the world? 
How would your teams, colleagues, family, and friends describe their experiences, trust, and relationships with you? Are you truly showing up authentic and whole for those you're leading? Do you have this authentic relationship to yourself?

If people know better, they do better. It sounds simple, yet we know the human condition is wrought with habitual patterns and subconscious mental activity that stifles awareness and presence. While often misunderstood, you do have a choice in your way of being in the world. You first must cultivate a deeper relationship to your authentic self by becoming emotionally, mentally and energetically self-aware. When you do this you develop a mindful approach and empower yourself to consciously choose how to respond, not react, to everyday experiences that occur in work and life.

Human well-being is four pronged — mental, emotional, spiritual, physical — and only once we care for all parts of ourselves can we show up whole in our work, relationships and families. Through this workshop, you will learn tools to become more connected, mindful leaders of your own lives and will be empowered to lead yourself and others in more authentic, human, inspiring ways. 

Tuesday, September 14th:  Power Hour Kick-off    7-9pm  
Wednesday, September 15th:  8:30am-5:00PM  Includes a working lunch


  1. Self-Awareness

    1. Responsibility for Oneself

    2. Thoughts, Feelings, Mood, Behavior

  2. Self-Care

    1. Entire well-being

    2. Healthy Boundaries

    3. Build Confidence

  3. Emotional Reasoning

    1. Guidance System

    2. Mindfulness

  4. Authenticity

    1. Inner Connection

    2. Intuition 

  5. Self-Leadership

    1. Manage Your Energy

    2. Choice

    3. Showing up for Others

Testimonial from last years LeadHership Academy

"Since 1993, I have been a coach with USA swimming. I was 20 years old when I started coaching in Homewood, IL, and a couple of years into it I had a great mentor, Al Ledgin, who encouraged me to join ASCA. With his support, I completed the 5 ASCA levels and reached level 3 as a young coach. I have always coached part time because I also have been a teacher and professor for 26 years. I am a lifetime ASCA member because I believe I will coach until I cannot walk on deck anymore. 


This past weekend, I participated in the ASCA LeadHERship Academy. Unquestionably, it was the most outstanding short-term professional development workshop I have ever participated in, and I have attended and provided many of these as an educator. Professional development is actually one of my areas of expertise as a teacher-educator and researcher. I especially valued the focus on leadership for women, and I felt incredibly empowered to start working on my professional career goals. Susan “Teeter” was a master organizer, choosing just the right mix of women to share their stories and advice with us in different ways...


... It is crucial to offer events like this to women coaches of all ages to continue to improve the quality and effectiveness of USA swimming." - ASCA Lifetime Member