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ASCA Awards Banquet

Every year at the World Clinic, a banquet is hosted to honor coaches in a variety of ways. As a special thank you, all coaches are welcomed to attend this year's banquet, as it is included with your ticket.


This year there are four main honors that coaches are vying for! The Fitter and Faster ASCA Age Group Coach of the Year, the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, the ASAC Impact Coach of the Year, and the ASCA Coach of the Year. Read more about each of these prestigious honors below. 

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Fitter and Faster ASCA

Age Group Coach of the Year

The Age Group Coach of the Year is is selected from a list of 50 elite coaches who are ranked based on USA Swimming’s National Rankings data for 12 and under swimmers. Coaches received bonus points for the number of #1 rankings, for the number of different swimmers ranked, and for the number of total rankings.

Hall of Fame Induction

The American Swimming Coaches Association is honored to recognize the greatest swimming coaches in the United States, as members of the ASCA Hall of Fame. Inductees date back to 1958 and have developed the most accomplished athletes in our sport; a sport widely considered the greatest amateur sport in the world. These coaches have not only produced world class athletes, but they have in large part created much of the history and success of American Swimming. In addition, they have created programs and developed coaches and methodologies that have truly elevated the sport of swimming in the United States and around the world. It is with immense pride that we recognize the best in our profession.

See the full eligibility criteria and view the entire Hall of Fame here. 

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ASCA Impact Coach of the Year

ASCA’s Impact Coach of the Year Award

Selection Guidelines

The ASCA Impact Coach of the Year Award is given annually to a Coach who has made significant contributions on behalf of the sport of swimming and the profession of coaching in the past year– with an emphasis on bettering other’s lives through their dedication, hard work, and service to others. Hence the name “Impact” in the name of the award. at the awards dinner – which is free to all who attend the ASCA World Clinic this year!


  • Award recipients may only receive recognition as ASCA’s Impact Coach of the Year once.

  • Recipients may not be a serving member of the Association’s Board of Directors.

  • Nominees do not have to be members of ASCA.



Nominations should include:

  • Examples of how this nominee has had a positive impact on the lives of others through the sport of swimming.

  • Illustrate the commitment this nominee has given in terms of their time and energy, as well as their lasting effect to others in the swimming community.

Nominations Process

  • Individuals cannot nominate themselves, but can be nominated by any ASCA member.

  • A written nomination must include a narrative that highlights the specific reasons for the nomination.

  • Nominations should also include references demonstrating a nominee’s justification for the award.

  • The nomination period will be from April 15 through June 15, 2022, and submitted to the above nomination form. 

Selection Process

The Selection Committee consists of members of ASCA’s Board of Directors. After careful consideration and deliberation, the Selection Committee will provide ASCA’s CEO and Board Chair with a recommendation. Upon selection, ASCA will notify the recipient of the award and the chosen individual will be honored at the 2022 World Clinic in Las Vegas at the awards dinner – which is free to all who attend the ASCA World Clinic this year!

2022 ASCA George Haines Coach of the Year 

ASCA Coach of the Year: The individual whose coaching effectiveness has contributed the most towards American Swimming Excellence at the World level.  In an Olympic year, only coaches with a gold medalist athlete(s) are considered.

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